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New Geo-Logger! 14.06.2018 14:28 We made a new Geo-Logger feature for you! Now you can find an exact GPS-based location of any mobile device with new type of logger!
Blog 10.11.2017 18:59 We started our official Blog
Updates of October 2017 29.10.2017 17:56 Added new page `my IP address`
Updated and splitted the IP Lookup and URL checker services
The header form the main page has been updated (now this is the form of creating a short link)
Changed the icons for services ;)
Added help :)
Other cosmetic changes for site
Captcha 30.09.2017 05:34 At login window is now hidden, until you make mistakes;)
Updates march 2017 25.03.2017 07:43 With an empty account(without loggers), are displayed links to create loggers.
In the statistics of the logger - an advanced view, was added information on redirects and proxies.
Added icons for different versions of Windows for simple visual differences.
Changed the logo ;)
Added graphs for viewing information on the logger in a more convenient form
Server has moved to new location 17.02.2017 11:39 Our site has moved to more powerful and faster server. In addition, we improved the design and usability of our website and added new feature, such as filtering by IP ( check your account settings). We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the relocation of our website. Thank you for staying with us!
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